Thursday, 21 July 2011

Word Pyramid

Build Your vocabulary by building this pyramid of words. Test Your skills by playing the puzzle of words and learn the meanings with explanation to each word at the end. Improve Your highscores by playing it more and more....."

At the top you will be given 2 random letters in your first word pyramid. On each word, you have to add a letter to the previous word and rearrange them to make a new word so start off by trying to make a 3 letter word, then a 4 letter word and so on:-

For example if you have been given the letters T and R in the 2 letter word slot then you could add the letter A and rearrange them to make ART, RAT or TAR for your next word, or add the letter O and rearrange them to make ROT. Continue doing this and try to fill as much as the pyramid as you can.

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  1. Why will this game only let me make one certain word. Ex.
    I start with s, then get as, it will not let me make has, or asp,or sap--- it only wants the word spa. Do you have to guess the one word the computer wants?

  2. How come, the app will not accept.:
    SUNDAY = Is not a dictionary word, it says?

  3. The dictionary created by the game builders is woefully inadequate. There were so many words, VALID, ordinary words, that it didn't know. I am only referring to the game saying "word is not in dictionary", NOT when it says, "all letters not included". If nothing else, give it a build able dictionary - where the player can add words to the dictionary. Sure, some idiots will add a bunch of nonsense words, but the rest of us, most of us, want the game to be challenging.